It’s time to pack my luggages to leave for New Zealand. And every time you have to pack your bags for a long trip, you never know what to wear and what to take with you …. It’s easy to waste a lot of time at the airport or make your trip uncomfortable due to poor preparation or simply lack of experience …. That’s why I thought I shared with you some tips that I have learned over the past few years and that help me avoid the nasty surprises and to make the most of my travels!

If you are here to find out how to make your suitcases, this is not the right place …. But if you want to know how to improve your trip with little tricks, then you are in the right place!

Just follow the 10 tips below and I’m sure the next time you fly is already gonna be better.



Before leaving


1. Keep in your carry-on all the expensive gears and what you need to use ready to grab



Who want to have broken stuffs when they start their travel? Keep everything expensive with you in the plane and not in your checked luggage

  1. Always have the cameras well protected and easy to grab to take great pictures on the go
  2. A good pair of earphones with noise cancelling in order to enjoy a relaxing moment without hearing neighbors talking. Personally I use the Bose qc35
  3. Of course the computer completely charged before leaving to be able to use the plane hours to answer emails. (For those not aware, a computer with an empty battery can be kept at the security)
  4. A good book to read in the plane or while waiting at the airport … In my case I use a Tolino reading light, this allows me to always have several books on hand.



2. Choose the right bag


A good bag has to be comfortable on your back and be practical to use while travelling! A special computer compartment is very practical to avoid stress at the security


3. Dress properly



  1. Use Comfortable jeans … The temperature in the planes is often quite cold so avoid shorts
  2. Take a comfy Sweatshirt, because if it’s cold it’s convenient to have a small sweater, and it can also serve as pillow 😉
  3. Take a second T-shirt and a pair of spare socks. It’s always nice to be able to change and feel fresh in the middle of a travel



4. Take a bottle to fill!



Taking an empty bottle with you makes it possible to fill it up after passing the security and to be able to stay hydrated throughout the trip without having to ask for a glass of water every time, because let’s be honest, the glasses are so small that you swallow all the water in once….



5. A good neck pillow




Do not forget a small neck pillow! Who never woke from a nap with a huge torticollis …. This doesn’t take any space and will save your neck and back from a bad seat



At the airport


6. Eat at the airport




I already hear people asking why use money to eat  whenthe meal on the plane is free? The answer is quite simple,  the meals on board  are often bad and their nutritive values ​​are much lower than a good meal at the airport …



7. Always choose the left lines



With the world population being about 85% right-handed, our brain will make us go to the right … The waiting lines on the left are most of the time a little bit shorter. So choose the left



8. Board after everyone


Seriously, why wait 15 minutes or more sometimes  standing in front of the boarding gate when you can stay away without any stress? Unless you travel with 3 hand luggage and you are afraid of not having room to store them, otherwise your seat won’t not leave … So take your time and enjoy the space you still have! And if you are lucky, the plane isn’t gonna be full and you can change your seat for an other one with nobody next to you



9. Keep all your document in the same place




Having your passport in one place, the boarding pass in an other pocket is just a mess. Keeping everything in the same place and easy to access helps avoiding the stress of searching what you need at a control and annoy everyone behind you




During the trip

10. Choose your seat!

Before checking in, I always look at which seat to choose in order to spend the best time on the plane … I use the Seatguru application for this, it allows me to see which seat is well and where it is located. This avoids getting stuck in the middle of a row of 4. Personally I always take a seat beside the corridor for long trips, it allows me to get up when I want to stretch my legs.





I hope those tips can help you spare some time and stress and make your travels better 🙂
Don’t hesitate to share with me your own tips, I’m always happy to hear other ideas to improve my own travels



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